Brownfields Guidance and Consulting


Strategic Planning

Project Planning 

Identification of Funding Sources

Project Development  

Community Outreach and Involvement



Design Charettes 

Outreach during various project phases to explain and disseminate project related information and gather stakeholder feedback 

Workshops and Training Seminars

...on Brownfields related topics. All events are tailored to a community's and/or organization's needs.

Project and/or Grant Management

Do you need to free up time or add capacity? We can help.

Grant Writing

EPA Brownfields Grants

We will also review and edit your existing grant application.

Urban Gardening/Agriculture Assistane


Soil screening/sampling parameter identification and sample point layout

Interpretation of sample results in terms of gardening activities

Recommendations as to what to grow and how - based on sample results

BMP (Best Management Practices) identification

Assistance with garden layout/design

Let us help you

Dr. Martin has assisted communities with numerous revitalization projects, ranging from initial brainstorming sessions on what to do with a site or area, to identifying and securing funding for redevelopement and hiring the most suited consulting firm for needed environmental site work.  

CTOR Solutions, LLC strives to make your revitalization project a success by tailoring services to your specific needs.