Sabine,  I wanted to thank you for your assistance in reviewing our brownfield  grants and hosting a grant writing workshop in Madison.  I found both  forms of assistance invaluable.  As you may know, Madison was successful  in all 3 grants! Brynn Bemis, City of Madison

The Village of Paw Paw, Michigan benefited  from the EPA's Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) program. While  the TAB program design works, what really made our experience and our  outcomes so successful was the expertise and manner of Dr. Sabine  Martin. This was not a boilerplate form stamped on one community after  another. It was a customized and unique approach to our community. What  made it so was Dr. Martin's easy-going style which engaged our residents  and businesses at a high level. Simply put, Dr. Martin knew what she  was doing and got results. The proof could be seen in the wrap-up  session which presented concepts for the future. Many times these  sessions are anti-climatic. Ours was not. The interest and anticipation  was higher than the initial session. The session did not disappoint.  Again, thanks to Dr. Martin. Paw Paw remains excited and eager to pursue  our next steps.  Larry Nielsen, Manager, Village of Paw Paw, Michigan, 269-657-3148

Sabine  Martin is a knowledgeable, hard working source of wonderful  information. She has been faithful in helping the Stella community for  the past several years. She has always been there for guidance and  assistance. Her information on many issues has been and will be used in  developing our community. She surely takes interests in your projects as  though they were her own! Chuck and Doris Dalbom, Stella, Missouri  

My  name is Kevin Dennis, and I am project Director for the Field of Hope  Community Campus in Vinton, Ohio.  The FOHCC was awarded a $200,000  Brownfield cleanup grant in 2012, and Sabine Martin was an important  player in our success.  She helped guide us through the grant writing by  providing the TABEZ spreadsheet that broke down all the complicated  pieces into a format that we could work with.  Tabez also puts it all  together for you.  I don’t believe I could have met the timetable for  grant submittal if not for Sabine and the TABEZ process. 
 Community  support is integral to any successful grant and cleanup project.  It is  particularly important to the FOHCC because our vision for a community  center includes a residential rehabilitation facility for folks caught  up in alcohol/substance abuse.  We have had some community events, but  the community meeting Sabine helped us organize prior to the grant  submittal was by far the best attended and most responsive.  Sabine  guided us on the invitation list, setting, and meeting order.   We began with a guided tour of the FOHCC grounds, smoked barbecue  dinner, information session by Sabine about the Brownfield grant  process, then a brainstorming session about potential uses and  outreaches of the FOHCC.
Small  group response was excellent, and great ideas surfaced that we had not  considered.  Sabine helped pull responses together and organize them for  efficient review later.  She had a great rapport with the community  members present, and I believe that they felt their voices were heard.  I  would highly recommend Sabine to help in this important piece of the grant process as well as other pieces as noted above. Kevin Dennis, FOHCC Project Director, Vinton, Ohio, 740-794-1027

The Leelanau County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (LCBRA) had the opportunity to work  with the EPA’s Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB  program) in 2009, and in particular – with Dr. Sabine Martin. Dr. Martin  assisted the LCBRA with organization, preparation, and presenting three  (3) visioning sessions for a former Resort and ski properties covering  more than 450 acres in two townships within the county. Public response  to these visioning sessions was incredible and they were filled to  capacity. Dr. Martin led the sessions as well as the follow-up public  meeting to release the results and renderings of a proposed new project  for the site, which has stimulated increased interest and community  involvement in this brownfield site.
 In addition, Dr.  Martin has assisted Leelanau by providing review and recommendations on  grant applications, and additional presentations for public outreach.  Her involvement and assistance with Leelanau’s programs has been  invaluable and is one of the main reasons these programs and projects  have been so successful. Additional information on the visioning  sessions can be found online at: http://www.leelanau.cc/sugarloaf.asp  Trudy Galla, Planning Director & Director of the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Leelanau County, Michigan

After applying for a grant with the  Brownfield Program, it was not until I attended a workshop and met the  speaker, Dr. Sabine Martin that our project started moving forward. With  her suggestions, guidance, and professional expertise we were able to  see positive results to our downtown. Dr. Martin was very instrumental  to our success on this project. We look forward to working with her  again on future projects. Karen Platter, Clerk, City of Russellville, Missouri